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    Sea World

    The New Shamu show at Sea World has been launched it is called ‘One Ocean’ and replaces the ‘Believe’ show.  The show accoring to Sea World ‘Features majestic killer whales as ambassadors of the sea and the ocean as the centre of the universe.’  The show has an uderlying message of One World fo us to to cherish and protect.

    Discovery Cove

    Also has a new addition a new 2.5 acre saltwater reef known as ‘Grand Reef’ featuring underwater grottos a palm tree lined island and white sand beaches.  Guests can don wetsuits and talk an underwater stroll 10 metres under the surface through schools of tropical fish and look at walk past a 1 million gallon aquarium with over 125 species of fish, rays and sharks.

    Walt Disney World

    At Walt Diney’s  Hollywood Studios you will find a refurbished ‘Star Tours’ ride, with a brand new 3D element and Star Wars inspired story line for this deep space flight simulator.
    At Disney’s Magic Kingdom the night time show has gone all interactive!  The photographs taken by Disney Photgraphers as you arrive to the park in the morning are projected across Cinderella Castle in a huge slideshow accompanied by music and fireworks.
    Animal Kingdom introduces ‘Wild Africa Trek’ this is an add on experience and will cost $189 per person and is open to guests 8yrs old and over.  Theexperience is for small groups to see the park’s wild animals on foot and by special vehicles.

    Universal Studios

    After the 18th August the Jimmy Neutron Nicktoon Blast will close, but fear not!  It is being closed and redesigned and will reopen as a 3D Ride based on the Despicable Me animated movie.
    The Much loved Spiderman  ride at Islands of Adventure will also be closing to be revamped with HD animation and other details riders will be able to feel.

    Brand New Legoland

    We mustn’t forget the Brand New Legoland due to open in October!  It is at the old Cypress Gardens site and will retain the beautiful botanical gardens and the famous water ski show.

    Busch Gardens

    Busch Gardens is opening it’s brand new Roller Coaster ‘Cheetah Hunt’  it is the centerpiece of a brand new habitat area called ‘Cheetah Run.’  Visitors will be able to get close up to the inhabitants and can also witness daily sprints conducted by the trainers.  ‘Cheetah Hunt’ launches riders from 0 – 60 mph in a matter of seconds using the repelling force of magnets and 3 different stages during the ride.

    Do you know of anything new and exctiting happenning in Florida you think people want to know about?  Let us know and share

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  • Top Tips 11.09.2009 1 Comment

    The Magic Kingdom

    During busy periods be sure to arrive early at the park we advise having a good breakfast either at your villa or go all out at one of the many places that offer fantastic value ‘Buffet Breakfasts’ such as Sizzler or Ponderosa.

    Parking and Entry

    As you drive in to the car park make sure you ask the attendant what time the Parade is and what time the Fireworks are as times can vary. They will probably be able to give you a leaflet with a schedule of all the shows etc for the day you are visiting.

    Make sure that all the party remember where you are parked. This is easy to do as all the areas are named and all the rows numbered. So remembering a character name and number eg – Donald row 30 or Pluto 55
    You might want to write it down just in case.
    Once you know the times make a note to get a spot along the parade route about an hour (or at the very least 30 mins) before the parade begins.

    For the Fireworks you really need to make sure you get a spot about an hour before the display. (A great place we have found to be is on the bridge that you went over to get to ‘Adventureland,’ from the area in front of Cinderella Castle)

    At the main ‘Ticket and Transportation Centre’ you have the choice of taking the Ferry boat or the Monorail across to the Magic Kingdom main entrance. Both take the same amount of time to make the short journey to the main entrance. Our top tip is to head straight for the Ferry Boat and head as far forward as you can. (Avoid the temptation to go upstairs the view is just as good from downstairs)
    Have your camera ready to get great shots of one of the 3 mountains in the Magic Kingdom ‘Space Mountain’ and of course of Cinderella’s Castle.
    Once in the main gate if you do not need to rent a stroller (buggy) or wheelchair then proceed straight on and up ‘Main Street USA.’
    At the top of ‘Main Street USA’ in the Castle Terrace bear left and head on in to ‘Adventureland’ go straight to the most popular rides in this area ‘The Jungle Cruise’ and ‘Priates of the Carribbean’ – Johnny Depp fans keep an eagle eye out and see how many times you can spot ‘Captain Jack Sparrow.’
    Continue round the park in an anti clockwise direction. Head for all the major rides first.
    From Adventureland you will continue on to Frontierland. (NOTE where these 2 ‘lands’ meet you will notice ‘Pecos Bill’s Cafe’ – this comes highly recommended for a late lunch.

    Frontierland is home to the other 2 Mountains in the Magic Kingdom ‘Big Thunder Mountain Railroad’ and ‘Splash Mountain’ if the park is starting to busy up it might be an idea to grab a fast pass for these rides and head on to ‘The Haunted Mansion’ This is a continuous attraction and the queue tends to look big but move quickly.

    Fantasyland and is the next stop on your adventure through ‘The Magic Kingdom’ this area is generall suited to younger guests with ‘It’s a Small World’ ‘Peter Pan’s Flight’ ‘Dumbo’ and a wealth of other rides and shows including the fabulous centrepiece caroussel that under 10’s will love.
    Rides here can get busy but this is a good place for a snack and a rest as well as the best place in the park to soak up the atmosphere of ‘The Magic Kingdom’

    Tomorrowland follows with one of Disney’s first white knuckle thrill rides and the 3rd mountain in ‘The Magic Kingdom’ mountain range. ‘Space Mountain’ the ‘Astro Orbiters’ are another very popular attraction in this area. It is also worth taking a trip around ‘Tomorrowland’ on the ride below the ‘Astro Orbiters’ and taking in the rest of the area.

    Next head over to ‘Mickey’s Starland’ this area was constructed as part of celebrations for Mickey Mouse’s 60th Birthday. This area is ideal for younger guests with plenty for them to see and do. We think it is a great idea to take the Steam train from here back to Main Street USA Station and enjoy the sights and sounds along the way as well as giving your feet a well earned rest!

    On the way out of the park take the opportunity to use the Monorail. If you are fast / if you don’t mind waiting a while ask the attendant on duty if there is a chance you can ‘Ride up front’ Sitting up front with the driver is great fun and offers fabulous views.

    Our other tips would be – :
    *Hang on to any bottles of water and refill them at the plentiful water fountains throughout the park

    *Look out for the ‘Kodak Picture Spots’ throughout the park that should give wonderful shots of various areas.

    *Don’t forget sunscreen, even on a cloudy day the sun is very strong and you can burn quickly.

    *Make sure you arrange a place to meet should you get seperated from your party.

    *If you are a ‘Magic Kingdom Regular’ did you know that there some great behind the scenes tours available that let you in on the Disney Magic?

    *Keep an eye out for your favourite Disney Characters in various places and if you want to get a picture with them head over to them straight away and don’t be shy!

    Finally throughout the Disney Properties during construction the architects and imagineers ‘planted’ various Hidden Mickeys throughout the park – How many can you spot in the Magic Kingdom?
    Here’s one we found – Take a look at the scrollwork outside the ‘Mainstreet USA Train Station’

    We’ll be back with more Tips and Hints on the other parks soon.

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