We thought it might be worth featuring some of the other destinations, we are able to offer.

    As the title of this post suggests this time we are featuring Fabulous Las Vegas!  This amazing city has a different meaning for different people.  In our opinion Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. Sin City or Disney For Adults!

    Amazing Choice of Hotels

    The choice of  hotels is utterly outstanding.  From cheap and cheerful motels off ‘The Strip’ to luxurious accommodation such as ‘The Four Seasons’ and everything in between. Including self catering accommodation within Las Vegas new ‘City Centre at Vdara.  Every possible type of theme, desire or whim is catered for. Want a penthouse suite with a round bed that rotates? No problem ‘The Palm’s’ hotel has it!  Want to go on a trip up the Eiffel Tower (Paris Hotel,) have dinner and then take a Gondola ride round Venice? (The Venetian and Palazzo) Again it’s all possible in Las Vegas.  If you would rather take in a pirate show before dinner (at the Entrance to Treasure Island Hotel) and then witness the amazing fountain lights and music show after dinner, you can at The Bellagio.  Step back in time to Ancient Rome at Ceasars Palace, visit the big cats, the White Tigers at The Mirage and the iconic lions at The MGM Grand.
    All the hotels have great pool areas, some such as The Mandalay Bay Hotel even offer poolside gaming (tables and slots available.) The Hard Rock Hotel is famed for it’s Guitar shaped pool and the MGM Grand boasts and amazing lazy river.  If you would like a leisurely game of Golf this is available at Wynn Las Vegas.

    Wynn and Encore Hotels

    Sightseeing, Shows and Shopping (the three S’s)

    'Love' at The Mirage

    Aside from sightseeing the hotels up and down the strip and marvelling at the amazing hotels, there is so much more that Las Vegas has to offer.  The Grand Canyon  is within easy reach by Helicopter.  Various companies offer tours outbound you will usually get a stunning view of  The Hoover Dam and on the return  a trip down the strip so you can get a bird’s eye view.  Give us a call for latest pricing and availability.
    The Las Vegas shows are simply amazing, where else in the world could you see Celine Dion, Tom Jones, The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera or a whole host of Cirque De Soliel  shows including ‘Love’ featuring The Beatles, O, Ka, and the newest ‘Viva Las Vegas’ featuring The King himself Elvis Presley!  All within less than a mile of each other?
    Of course the unrivalled Las Vegas nightlife, offers all kinds of smaller more intimate lounge shows as well as bars and nightclubs. (The latter usually owned by Hollywood star’s)
    All kinds of Shopping also abounds in Las Vegas from Outlet Mall’s a short cab ride away to Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile, The Fashion Mall, The Forum at Ceasars Palace and not forgetting the newest addition to the high end designer collection of shops (window shopping for me!) at Crystals with the new Las Vegas City Centre (The city within a city)
    Dining in Las Vegas couldn’t offer more choice from fast food, to casual dining, formal dining and high end dining.
    In Las Vegas anything goes, it isn’t all about gambling we love the spectacle of ‘Las Vegas’ and believe everyone should go to Las Vegas at least once and experience it for themselves. 4 or 5 nights is plenty for a first trip.  You may need to return though to catch the things you missed! 
    You might be puzzled that we have barely mentioned gambling in this blog post and although this seem to be what a lot of people think Las Vegas is all about, we wanted to highlight the other ‘stuff’ going on in Las Vegas.

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  • Top Tips 24.05.2010 No Comments

    You may know this theme park as MGM Studios, in recent years the name has been changed.  It opened as Disney’s MGM

    Tower of Terror

    Studios in 1989 and has gone from strength to strength ever since.  Adding lots of rides along the way.The Water tower used to be the iconic landmark for this theme park but the Hollywood Tower Hotel seems almost as popular.

    Aerosmith Rock'n'Roller Coaster

    The building houses one of the parks thrill rides The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror , that offers amazing views right across the Disney property. Right next door you will find Aerosmith’s Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster  another great thrill ride.  Our top tip is to get into the park early and head straight for these 2 very popular rides.

    Of course for all you Star Wars fans out there don’t miss the chance to cruise on a Star Speeder for a once in a lifetime, unfogettable trip to Endor with C3PO as your navigator on Star Tours   For younger one’s they can get the chance to join the Jedi academy and show off their new Jedi skills for the rest of their holiday!
    Hollywood studio’s is also home to a whole host of other attractions including that musn’t be missed. Our particular favourite is The Muppet’s  in 3D. As big Fan’s of Sam Eagle and the Swedish Chef we just love this show.  But be warned strange things happen where, The Muppets are involved! 

    One for the boys and the petrol head’s out there is the ‘Lights Motor’s Action Extreme Stunt Show!  Some very clever stuff and 1 very famous little car gets a cameo.  This show uses car’s, truck’s, motorbike’s and even jet ski’s.  All the secret’s of the stun’t displayed are revealed.
    The Indiana Jones Stunt Show is also well worth scheduling into your day, showing how some of the film’s most memorable scenes were achieved.
    The Great Movie Ride, housed in a replica of Mann’s Chinese Theatre  on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles lets you get to re-live some great moments in movie history.  And is nicely airconditioned if you need a little time to cool off!

    Pirates of the Caribbean Props

    The Backlot tour is unmissable, the attention to detail is amazing on this tour.  Including items from various movies you might see while you wait in line.  You may even get to visit a ‘Hot Set’ where rehersal or even filming might even be taking place.

    You will need to plan your day a little by taking time out to check show times for some attractions. the Stunt shows will have set times, other’s such as the Little Mermaid live action show you will need to check at the entrance, as well as the Beauty and the Beast live action show and the Bloc Party Bash a street party with a difference featuring 20 of your favourites from the Disney Pixar  family.
    For the children – if they have any energy left then a visit to the ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ Movie Set Adventure. should make sure they sleep well.  They can crawl climb and run through this adventure playground and see everything from a ‘Bug’s eye view’

    For something a little more sedate but nonetheless interesting make sure you pay a visit to the ‘Walt Disney One Man’s Dream’ attraction where you will come across lots’ of  one of a kind memorobilia and explote the Man, Myth and Magic behind the mouse that started it all!

    As always let us know what your favourites are and any tips you want to share let us know about them.  Oh and don’t forget to visit the American Idol Experience!

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    Tree of Life

    Expedition Everest

    The Tree of Life  pictured here (left) is to Animal Kingdom what Cinderella Castle is to The Magic Kingdom and what Spaceship Earth is to EPCOT Centre.  Far from being just a tree, it has been carved by artists from all over the world and is really worth closer inspection, stroll the discovery trails and take a look.  There is also alot going on inside the tree!  Flik, Princess Atta and the other star’s  of a Bug’s Life invite you to sit back and relax and learn about the world of bug’s in a 3D adventure and how important they are in our world.  Watch out for Hopper and the Stink Bug’s though!

    Away from this central focal point of Animal Kingdom there are several different areas of the park.  Africa includes a great safari ride with the chance to view many different types of animals including, impala, elephants, giraffes, hippo’s and rhinos.  Look out for the poachers and don’t forget to say ‘Jambo!’  To Wilson for us!

    Asia offers a leisurely stroll through the jungles, at the Mahraja Jungle Trek.  You will meet all kinds of birds, fruit bat’s and tigers and if you are very luck a dragon!  For the more adventurous try out the Kali River Rapids (you might need a change of clothes!)  or dry off by trying out Expedition Everest , look out for the Yeti!  (Picture above right)

    Join the dig at Dinoland USA where children can become palentologists and enjoy the Xylobone and maze.  The Dinosaur ride is great and is indoors so a little relief from the heat or shelter from a summer rain shower.  Or take a turn on the Triceratop Spin.

    These are our favouites but don’t miss Rafiki’s planet and the affection section. As well as Oasis and Camp Minnie-Mickey.
    Don’t forget to check the show times for ‘Festival of the Lion King ,’  you will discover ‘Finding Nemo’ the musical in Dinoland USA and Flights of Wonder (a birds of prey show) is set in the Asia section of the park, again check the daily schedules for show times. 
    Mickey’s Jammin Jungle Parade loops through the park at a set time each afternoon, you will need to check the schedule at the gate as times do change.
    Characters do also appear round the park for meet and greet sessions a good place to find them is in Camp Minnie-Mickey.

    Let us know what your favourite things are in this park.

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  • Icelandic Volcano erruption affects UK flights

    The erruption of a volcano in  the Eyjafjallajoekull  area  the second to occur in a month.  This eruption has released ash to significantly greater heights.  Volcanic ash contains tiny particles of rock and even glass, which can wreak havoc with machinery.

    NATS  is keeping in close contact with airlines and airports to keep everyone updated. 

    Latest information shows that UK Airspace will reopen at 22.00 20th April 2010

    If you have accommodation booked with DJW Rental we will be contacting you in due course to rearrange your accomodation.  If you have booked your flights with DJW Rental we will of course liase with airlines to reprotect your flights.

    For guests that are already in Florida we will be in touch to make arrangements to extend your stay if required.

    Disney and other Theme Parks offer park tickets to stranded guests.

    Guests in the Kissimmee area please be advised Disney and other Theme Parks are Offering Admission to their Park’s – Take your expired E ticket and your Photo ID with you to Guest Services.  You will be able to obtain a 1 day Park Hopper ticket at Disney.  Other Theme parks have their own offers but offering similar free admission.

    We will keep this Blog post updated as we find out information.  However please check your airline’s website before travelling.  We have added a link here to help you.
    Virgin Atalntic
    British Airways
    US Airways 
    American Airlines

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  • 1 and 2 Bedroom All Suite Hotel at Disney’s town of Celebration, Kissimmee.

    A beautiful resort comprising luxurious 1 and 2 bedroom suites nestled in the award winning small town of Celebration .  Conveniently situated just minutes from Walt Disney World , Universal Resort Orlando, Sea World, amazing shopping and limitless restaurants.  Celebration also has much to offer with a great calendar of events as well as plenty of shopping and dining.

     Luxurious Suites and Stunning Pool


    Mona Lisa Suite Hotel Bedroom, showing large room with king sized bed and dresserEach suite is luxuriously appointed with Egyptian cotton bed linens, amazingly comfortable king sized beds, stunning bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens and wonderful living areas.  All suites have balconies with beautiful views of either the stunning infinity pool or the beautiful lush Florida landscaping. Mona Lisa Suite Hotel, Swimming pool circular surrounded by deck area and an island in the centre.


    Amazing Privileges and Ammenites

    Of course as a guest at Mona Lisa Suite Hotel  you are entitled to privileges at Celebration golf and at Celebration day spa, complimentary high speed wireless internet, daily newspaper and complimentary shuttle to all the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks.  Concierge service able to assist with almost anything else.

    For latest availability and pricing contact www.djwrental.com or call us on 01954 252401

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  • Universal Orlando  have just announced that the long awaited Grand Opening for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter  at Universal Orlando will be on the 18th June 2010.

    A multitude of Harry Potter attractions

    The plans show that the new area of the park will comprise, Shopping and Dining centred in ‘Hogsmeade ‘  Shops include  ‘Owl Post’  where you can send your postcards with a authentic ‘Hogsmeade stamp’ look up and see the resting owls, but watch your ears as you pass by a ‘Howler’ in the window.  Visit ‘Olivanders ‘ to let your wand choose you, for something more lighthearted visit ‘Zonko’s’ Joke shop or stock up on tuck at ‘Honeydukes sweet shop.’Dining is available at the ‘Three Broomsticks’ where you can enjoy a pint of Butterbeer .

    The Dragon Challenge, Chinese Fireball, Flight of the Hippogriff and Hagrid’s Hut

    Attractions and rides include the Dragon Challenge where you can ride either an agressive ‘Chinese Fireball’ of a ferocious ‘Hungarian Horntail’ these two roller coasters twist turn and loop into each other.
    The Flight of the Hippogriff , takes you past Hagrid ‘s hut and through the pumpkin patch.  Don’t forget to bow to the Hippogriff as you approach!

    Hogwarts Castle in the Harry Potter Films with the Quidditch goals in the foregroundHogwarts Castle, Dumbledore’s Office, Gryffindor Common Room

    Finally the spectacular ‘Hogwarts Castle’  has thrown open it’s doors.  You can wander the corridors and visit iconic places such as Dumledore ‘s office, the Gryffindor  common room, the Defence agains the Dark Arts classroom and many more familiar places.  Join Harry and his friends on ‘The Forbidden Journey’ where you will soar high above the castle grounds on an unforgettable adventure meeting all kinds of magical creatures.

    I know a lot of people who have been waiting a long time for this attraction to open.  I am certainly looking forward to planning my next trip to Florida and making this a ‘must visit’ for my trip!

    Contact us here at DJW Flights and Rental  for our latest flights and accommodation availability.  www.djwrental.com

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  • We are proud to announce the launch of the New DJW Flights and Rental Website.
    The site does look similar to the old site but you will notice a few changes.
    Firstly you will see that the photographs of our villas are larger than they used to be.  We still get comments that the photos on the site don’t do the homes justice, but we are working on it!
    Also you might have noticed a new feature to the site to allow booking of hotels worldwide a quick click on the globe icon opens up a world of possibilites, quite literally!
     World Wide Travel

    All our Florida Villas available for rent are on the website.  As the site is new there may be the odd bug in the system, bear with us we are working as fast as we can to get them squashed!
    Don’t forget if you have any questions or you want more information – please feel free to use the ‘Call me back’ feature and we will call you straight back.

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  • Security measures for passengers travelling to the USA have been stepped up at all UK Airports. All airlines have their own advice so it is essential that you check your airline’s website before travel as the information may change.

    General advice is to arrive an extra hour prior to your flight, this now means 4 hours before departure.  This is due to extra security screening procedures that are in place.

    All Passengers travelling to the USA will only be allowed 1 piece of carry on baggage with dimensions not to exceed 23 x 36 x 56cm, (approx 9 x 14 x 22 inches) and 13lb/6kg in weight, and should only contain the items you need during the flight.

     Passengers are advised that during flight, they will be asked to follow flight crew instructions, such as stowing personal items, turning off electronic equipment and remaining seated during certain portions of the flight.

     Please remember that Since 12th January 2009, UK Travellers to the US under the Visa Waiver Programme (VWP), which allows most British Citizen passport holders to visit for up to 90 days without a visa, have required an authorisation via the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) prior to boarding a carrier to travel by air or sea to the US.  Travellers must register for authorisation online through the ESTA website at least 72 hours prior to travel at  https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov

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    This is a Ray Floyd course.

    Frequent Player cards are available making this course great value for money.
    This is a well wooded course with no water.  Lots of wildlife is visible around the course.  With some challenging Par 3 holes.

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    Where Creatures Aren’t Animated or Mechanical and Where Dramatic Sunsets Replace the Glow of Neon.

    Yes in Florida there is such a place! Where creatures are not animated and where dramatic sunsets across the Gulf of Mexico outshine any neon or laser light show.  This area is known as ‘Florida’s Nature Coast’  by proclamation fo the Governor of Florida and it stretches from North of Clearwater to the Ochlockonee Bay. Covering counties such as Pasco, Hernando, Citrus and as far north as Taylor, Jefferson and Wakulla.
    In this area you are likely to be able to see up 19 endangered or threatened species in their natural habitat as well as more prolific residents.

    Wild Waters

    The area is littered with natural crystal clear springs that attract a multitude of wildlife.  The springs remain a constant year round 72 degrees F.  Citrus county is home to King Springs, Levy County is home to Manatee Springs and Dunellon is home to Rainbow Springs all of which are ranked amont the top 10 of snorkelling spots.
    The Weeki Wachee River in Hernando County offers opportunites for Canoeing and Kayaking or just lazing on the beach watching the wildlife pass you by.  Or try your luck just off the coast of Hernando County where world record Tarpon are caught. 
    State Wildlife Parks such as Homosassa Springs    run entirely by volunteers offers a fabulous opportunity to see many creatures that might otherwise remain hidden from view.  Homosassa State Wildlife Park does much research and works with other facilites all over the USA into West Indian Manatee.  These beautiful creatures are native to the area, moving between the freshwater springs and and with their distinctive prehensile features and gentle nature, they have just one natural predator, Man in his boat!  Homosassa Springs also offers a fabulous underwater observatory to veiw these extrordinary Can you believe that the Spanish Sailors who stumbled upon this area thought that these creatures were Mermaids?  Perhaps they had been a long time at sea!  In fact Weeki Wachee Springs in Hernando County has made a feature of this tail and has an underwater theatre and special mermaid show.  The Wilderness river cruise at Weeki Wachee Springs  offers a fabulous tour of the river with a knowledgeable guide who will point out residents of interest and identify any you might spot along the way, from Alligators and Egret to Mullett.

    Prefer Dry Land to Water?

    Hernando County has recently undertaken returning a large area to scrub habitat to continue to encourage this native wildlife to stay in the area.  The area between Hernando and Citrus Counties is a well known Florida Black Bear habitat.  Hernando and Pasco County also have a great trail that can be cycled or hiked along the Suncoast Parkway.  The trail here and also the Withlacoochee trail offers some great opportunites to spot some amazing wildlife. The Chassahowitzka forest also offer a chance to see  some of Florida’s blossoming rare flowers, ferns and huge shady trees.

    A Natural Vacation Wonderland

    Famous naturalist John Muir described the Nature Coast in 1867 as ‘A string of counties studded with emerald like gulf waters, deep springs and rivers, stretching along the same Florida coast.’
    Much of the area remains unchanged from John Muir’s observation.  The Nature Coast really is a natural vacation wonderland offering unique and affordable family adventures no matter how many times you visit.
    DJW Flights and Rental offers  beautiful Villa Accommodation in the heart of this area.  So if you want to exchange the Plastic for the Fantastic on your next vacation, do consider the Nature Coast.  http://bit.ly/c0Ong8

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